Test benches/pipe flows

Use of the LDV-1D/2D full-field method and the PIV-2D/3D method, e.g.

  •     for optimising calibration test stands for heat and water meters
  •     for full-field cross-section measurement of flow characteristics
  •     for the verification of undisturbed and fully formed flow characteristics (e.g. according to EN 1434, part 4 for calibration test benches)
  •     for validation of CFD simulations (e.g. OpenFOAM®).

Dr. Ulrich Müller
E-Mail: mueller@optolution.com
Telefon: +49 7621 160 15 15

LDV measurements on the influence of temperature layerings in pipe flows with laminar flow condition

Ray path for a 1D-LDV measurement

LDV method as calibration standard at a test bench of Fernwärme Wien

LDV measurements for flow diagnosis on a development test bench