pco.panda 26 DS


Dr. William Thielicke
E-Mail: thielicke@optolution.com
Telefon: +49 (0) 7621 582 83 46

Flexible and compact - High resolution and a small interframing time make this camera very attractive for PIV applications.

With the pco.panda 26 DS sCMOS camera, you get a high-resolution, ultra-compact sCMOS camera for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) applications. The camera has a sensor with a double shutter. This allows two images to be captured with a very short time interval (down to 1 µs). The high light sensitivity over a wide wavelength range makes this camera a very good choice. Double frame rates between 1.5 Hz (5120 x 5120 px) and 45 Hz (360 x 256 px) are possible. Pixel binning increases sensitivity at low illumination intensity.

Installation instructions for the pco.panda 26 DS in PIVlab can be found here.

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