Optronis Cyclone series


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Optronis Cyclone series

CamPerform-Cyclone series cameras are high-speed, high-resolution cameras for machine vision applications. The cameras use the fast CoaXPress 2.0 interface to transmit data at up to 12.5 Gb per second and per channel. Up to 4 channels can be combined to reach a bandwidth of 50 Gb per second. High performance image sensors are integrated without compromising speed. Real time image transfer at high-speed and high spatial resolution becomes possible with CamPerform-Cyclone series cameras.

The following cameras from the OPTRONIS Cyclone series are supported in PIVlab (version 2.63 and higher):

Due to the enormous amount of data, these cameras are not connected to a PC via USB 3.0, but via PCIe frame grabber (4x CoaXPress CXP-12, PCIe 3.0 Gen3 x8). Pulse distances of 20 µs (1-HS-3500-M and 2-2000-M) or 30 µs (25-150-M) are currently supported.

High performance global shutter sensors are used in the Cyclone series cameras. In combination with our pulsed laser diodes, high-speed PIV experiments are possible. At OPTOLUTION you can get these cameras preset and with matching frame grabber, cables and distortion free lens.

Installation instructions for these cameras can be found here.

An overview of the available camera models can be found here: