Mechanical laser shutter (interlock)


Dr. Ulrich Mueller
Telefon: +49 (0)7621 1601515

Laser shutter mounted on an optics rail

The mechanical laser shutter for LDV systems is a simple and fast solution for ensuring laser safety. Especially the fast reaction time and the closing function when the device is de-energised show the advantages of this compact device.

A typical field of application is where sequential measurements are often carried out under changing conditions. This could be, for example, a wind tunnel for calibrating flow sensors, where the test object is changed frequently. Instead of switching the laser off and on again each time, which is time-consuming, the laser can simply be locked with the shutter. The LDV measurement is not affected by the laser shutter.

The modular and flexible design makes the shutter system highly customisable. The trigger for the system can be modified for any individual customer requirement.