LDV Velocity standard for practice


Dr. Ulrich Mueller
E-Mail: mueller@optolution.com
Telefon: +49 (0)7621 1601515

LDV Velocity standard

The autonomously usable device is used to preset defined velocities for tests and calibrations of LDV systems on site. The standard is very compact, fits into any measuring equipment and can be used directly at the place of measurement. A speed-controlled DC motor drives a small cylinder on whose circumferential surface the LDV measurement volume is positioned. 

Due to the speed control, the rotation speed is independent of the 230 V mains frequency.  In this way, very low-noise LDV signals are generated from natural contamination for precisely defined velocities. These signals can be used for testing and/or calibrating the entire LDV system under operating conditions on site.

Three miniature positioning stages are integrated for exact positioning of the LDV measuring volume on the circumferential surface. The speeds are set with a resolution of 0.1 m/s using a controller and an adjustment knob. The set and actual speeds are selected and shown on the display of the control module.